VPN Primer

privacyBrian Krebs: FCC Privacy and VPNs


S.J.Res.34 –  read the text and summary here – will be signed by the President in the coming days.  Certain corners describe S.J.Res.34 as a death knell for privacy,  a guaranteed downward greed spiral which, channeling George Carlin, will lose the war for the Allies.

Except, the FCC rules Res.34 rolls back were never in effect.  The FCC issued the rules but court proceedings kept them from ever taking effect.

As Brian Krebs points out, the privacy discuss has thrown light on the use of VPNs for privacy.  Unfamiliar with VPNS?  Read Brian’s article.  I also recommend visiting https://thatoneprivacysite.net/simple-vpn-comparison-chart/ to compare and contrast the various VPN providers.



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