Thieves Steal iPhone. Attempt to Phish Victims

From Brian Krebs.


Brazilian thieves steal iPhone then attempt to phish the victims.


Apple Pay – are you aware?

A survey released in September 2016 found 89% people with Apple Pay capable devices are aware of the service.  Android lags behind with 64% of users aware of Android pay and Samsung brings up the rear at 54%.

Are you aware of the the mobile wallet associated with your device?  Do you use it?  Would you use it more if it became a standard offering at payment terminals?

Let us know in the comments.

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It’s got to start somewhere

Welcome to our group project blog.  

Join us over the next 9 weeks on our journey to design a better chip and pin device.  We’ll provide insights into our thought processes, excuses for our mistakes and, eventually, a set of suggestions for improving the accessibility of an increasingly hard-to-avoid dance of human-machine interaction.

Currency is becoming digital and at times – Bitcoin being the best example – completely decentralized and detached from fiat policies.  The days of paper currency are numbered. Between the virtual world of economic 1s and 0s and the human world of dollars and cents, machines sit as intermediaries.  Gateways rendering digital approximations of value based physical transactions.   Successful facilitation of that human-machine interaction will distinguish the profitable from unprofitable businesses of the future.

It’s not rocket science.  Well, some of it is.  But not the part we’re going on about.  We’re more concerned with legibility and comprehension.  Thinking now, you may already be recalling frustrations of poor or scant instructions, dull screens and confusing layouts.  Inconsistent interactions with a world increasingly reliant on the digital dollar.

There certainly are businesses that do it right and part of our exploration will be examining the differences between the those who get it and those who don’t.  The machines are coming for what’s in our wallet. Will we be ready?

Superman would be ready.  He’s always ready.